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venerdì 8 maggio 2015


LABEL: Memory Records (MR 2020-2).
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: CD molto particolare che presenta i “dietro le quinte”, cioè i dialoghi registrati dopo o prima di vari spettacoli del periodo “On Tour” del marzo/aprile 1972.

01 Elvis, Charlie, Red and Joe discuss songs for the upcoming tour during rehearsals [30 marzo 1972]
02 Elvis, Charlie, Red and Joe discuss songs and music clearances
03 Elvis laughs and jokes with J.D. Summer & The Stamps, James Burton, Charlie Hodge and Red West [31 marzo 1972]
04 Elvis talks about his gospel roots, J.D. Summer & The Stamps, all-night singing for relaxation, and the chemistry between Elvis and his group on stage [31 marzo 1972]
05 April 1972, Elvis is about to go onstage, but Joe Esposito warns him of a potential hazard
06 As the intro begins, Elvis awaits his cue
07 Elvis talks and jokes with The Sweet Inspirations, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps, Charlie Hodge and Joe Esposito during a rehearsal at their hotel in Greensboro after which you can hear Elvis leaving down the hall together with the Memphis Mafia [14 aprile 1972]
08 After the afternoon-show in Macon, Georgia on April 15, 1972, film-producers Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge talk and joke with Elvis about his concert experiences. Lamar Fike and Red West are also audible
09 Backstage in Jacksonville, Florida on April 16, 1972. Elvis talks about the secret microphone that Abel and Adidge had in the car earlier that day, and discusses the difference between afternoon and evening concerts. Joe Esposito gives Elvis some information about the stage, and of course there are the usual „Lamar” jokes. There’s even a water pistol fight between a couple of members of the Memphis Mafia!
10 Backstage in Little Rock, April 17, 1972 (pt. I). The promotor of the Little Rock concert visits with Elvis
11 Backstage in Little Rock, April 17, 1972 (pt. II). With a.o. Lamar Fike singing ‘And I’m Never Gonna Cease My Wondering’, and Elvis talking about singing in a taxi all night one night in Paris. He asks about Jackie Kahane running late, and as usual there’s lots of joking around by the Memphis Mafia! Vernon Presley is also audible during this segment
12 Backstage in Little Rock, April 17, 1972 (pt. III). Charlie Hodye informs Elvis about the stage and the lightning, and Elvis and Charlie discuss concert songs; what to leave in, what to leave out. Jerry Schilling is leaving the tour, and comes in to say ‘Goodbye’. Some joking around by Elvis, Joe, Red and Lamar
13 Backstage in San Antonio, Tx. on April 18, 1972: Elvis is together with Abel and Adidge, Charlie Hodge, Joe Esposito, Lamar Fike and Red West, and they speak about the hot weather, ripping jumpsuits on stage, and performing ‘Burning Love’ in concert for the first time

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kpd1nsh1dzi4wtw/Backstage_With_Elvis.rar

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