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giovedì 29 ottobre 2015


LABEL: Wonderland Records (WLR-2157).
NOTE: box di 4 CD, ennesimo frutto di scopiazzatura impudente, della regina del “pirataggio del pirataggio”, la “Wonderland Records”.
Questo cofanetto ci propone i primi 4 volumi dell’antologia alternativa “Tiger man”.

CD 1:
Shake, Rattle And Roll [take 4]
One Night Of Sin
[master with studio chat]
King Creole [take 13]
Steadfast, Loyal And True [take 14]
As Long As I Have You [take 5]
Lover Doll [take 8]
Soldier Boy [takes dalla 2 alla 9]
Like A Baby [takes 3, 5, 1]
Lonely Man [group version]
Husky Dusky Day
I'm Yours
[versione edita su 45 giri]
Sound Advice [stereo master]
On Top Of Old Smokey
(Such An) Easy Question [take 4]
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers [take 2]
Western Union [take 2]
If You Think I Don't Need You [takes 5, 9, 10]
Puppet On A String [take 10]
Down In The Alley [screaming girls version]
I'll Remember You [vocal overdub, take 3]
If Everyday Was Like Christmas [takes 1 e 2]
Speedway [take 4]
Stay Away, Joe [alternate take]
Goin' Home [take 16]
Mama Liked The Roses [with Elvis harmony vocals]
Suspicious Minds [unfaded master]
Do You Know Who I Am [false partenze]
It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' [take 1]
Memory Revival [solo base musicale]

CD 2:
Heart Of Rome [master senza sovraincisioni]
There Goes My Everything [master senza sovraincisioni]
Sylvia [master senza sovraincisioni]
Twenty Days And Twenty Nights [prova]
There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On [con sovraincisione di corni]
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [duetto con Ginger Holaday]
My Way [mix alternativo della registrazione in studio del 1971]
Seperate Ways [master con sovraincisioni di corde]
Always On My Mind [master con sovraincisioni di corde]
It's A Matter Of Time [master con sovraincisioni di corde]
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [Honolulu. 12 gennaio 1971. Mixaggio diverso]
Girl Of Mine [master senza sovraincisioni più lungo]
Sweet Angeline [master senza sovraincisioni]
Help Me [master senza sovraincisioni]
If You Talk In Your Sleep [versione alternativa]
Thinking About You [versione alternativa più lunga]
My Boy [master senza sovraincisioni]
Talk About The Good Times [versione alternativa più lunga]
The Twelfth Of Never [vaersione con sovraincisioni del pianoforte di David Briggs del 1994]
Tiger Man [versione lunga]
Moody Blue [versione lunga]
Never Again [master senza sovraincisioni]

CD 3:
Too Much Monkey Business [master con dialoghi in sudio]
U.S. Male [versione alternativa]
A Little Less Conversation [take 10]
You’ll Think Of Me [versione alternativa]
Wearin’ That Loved On Look [master con sovraincisione di chitarra]
A Little Bit Of Green [unrepaired master]
From A Jack To A King [unrepaired master, backup vocal overdub]
Inherit The Wind [alternate master, backup vocal overdub]
Stranger In My Own Home Town [alternate mix]
Power Of My Love [alternate mix]
Any Day Now [alternate mix]
I Got A Woman [Las Vegas, 22 agosto 1969, midnight show]
The Wonder Of You [stessa versione di "On stage" ma senza sovraincisioni]
I’ve Lost You [unedited stereo master]
Just Pretend [master senza sovraincisioni]
The Wonderful World Of Christmas [vocal overdub]
I’m leaving it all up to you [prova informale del 23 gennaio 1973 a Las Vegas]
It’s Over [Honolulu. 12 gennaio 1973. Mixaggio differente]
I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby [versione alternativa]
Are You Sincere [take 1, edited]
I Got A Feelin’ In My Body [versione alternativa]
My Boy [versione alternativa]
Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues [master senza sovraincisioni]
You’re Love’s Been A Long Time Coming [take 9 unedited]
Solitaire [versione alternativa]
My Way [multi-track version]

CD 4:
You'll Think Of Me [alternate mix]
In The Ghetto [unfinished master]
Rubberneckin' [unfinished master]
Wearin' That Loved On Look [alternate mix]
Suspicious Minds [unreleased unfinished master]
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [takes 9 e 8]
Power Of My Love [takes 4, 5 e 6]
The Fair Is Moving On [alternate mix]
Proud Mary [undubbed master. Febbraio 1970]
I've Lost You [undubbed master. Studio]
If I Were You [unedited take 5]
Suspicious Minds [rehearsal]
Stranger In My Own Home Town [unedited version]
Reach Out To Jesus [only Elvis' vocal]
Never Been To Spain [live]
Hawaiian Wedding Song [Honolulu, 14 gennaio 1973, takes 1 e 2]
No More [Honolulu, 14 gennaio 1973, take 2]
Hawaiian Wedding Song [Honolulu, 14 gennaio 1973, take 3]
Early Morning Rain [Honolulu, 14 gennaio 1973, master]
Mr. Songman [unreleased alternate mix]
There's A Honkey Tonk Angel [undubbed master]
Down In The Alley [informal recording]
Hurt [undubbed master]
Love Coming Down [undubbed master]
Way Down [undubbed master]
Unchained Melody [undubbed live]

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