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sabato 5 dicembre 2015


DATA DI PUBBLICAZIONE: settembre 2015.
LABEL: nessuna etichetta e numero indicati.
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: doppio CD con materiale “preso in prestito” da emissioni ufficiali e non, tratto dalle recording sessions del 1976 tenutesi a Graceland.
Ottima occasione per chi si avvicina ora a questo vastissimo mondo che è quello dei bootlegs di Elvis, denaro sprecato per gli altri (ma non per gli incalliti collezionisti, ovviamente…).

CD 1.
01 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (take 2)
02 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (takes 3, 4)
03 She Thinks I Still Care (take 11, 12, 13)
04 She Thinks I Still Care (take 14)
05 Moody Blue (take 3)
06 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (takes 1 e 2)
07 Hurt (take 2, without backing vocals)
08 Solitaire (take 1)
09 Solitaire (take 2)
10 Never Again (take 7, 8, 10 & take 5)
11 Love Coming Down (takes 1 e 2)
12 Moody Blue (take 4)
13 For The Heart (takes 3B, 4B, 5B)
14 Solitaire (take 8)
15 Danny Boy (take 5)
16 Danny Boy (take 9, including studio banter)
17 Hurt (takes 6 & backing vocal overdub take 7)
18 The Last Farewell (take 3)

CD 2.
01 Pledging My Love (unedited undubbed take 6)
02 She Thinks I Still Care (unedited undubbed take 17)
03 Solitaire (take 9, 10, 5 & undubbed take 11)
04 Moody Blue (unedited undubbed take 10)
05 Never Again (takes 12 & 4)
06 The Last Farewell (takes 4, 5)
07 Way Down (master take 2)
08 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (take 1)
09 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (take 2)
10 For The Heart (undubbed master)
11 Moody Blue (strings overdub take 10)
12 Love Coming Down (undubbed take 5)
13 It’s Easy For You (take 1, different mix)
14 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (backing vocal overdub take 7)
15 He’ll Have To Go (vocal overdub master)
16 Hurt (x-rated version)
17 America (take 1, 2 solo inzio e fine)

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2 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Marco in sharing this . This turned out to become Elvis last studio sessions even tho it was recorded at the jungle rooms at Graceland. Elvis sounded great during these sessions. These were released on various Imports including the - Welcome To The Jungle and The Last Farewell sets . There are great out takes and dialogue banter on this 2cd set.Wow . Best regards sent to you Marco.keep up the great work here.

  2. Marco, many thanks for this great release. It is very appreciated. Thanks to Ronny2013 with his expertise and accurate details. It allows us (mostly me) to learn about the King's life. Ronny2013 should write his own book with all his knowledeges and his expertise. Marco, I hope you will continue to manage your lovely blogs. Both Marco and Ronny2013 save and perpetuate the memory and legacy of the King. High expertise combined to sharing is the key to let Elvis live forever in our hearts. Thank you very much guys.