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sabato 14 maggio 2016


LABEL: Wonderland Records (WLR-2143).
NOTE: box di 9 CD e 1 DVD che focalizza la sua attenzione sulla musica religiosa di Elvis.
Nulla di inedito, come in tutte le emissioni di questa etichetta, ma troviamo in un colpo solo una valanga Gospels, comprese le versioni dal vivo che forse sono le più interessanti.
Tiratura limitata in 500 copie.
Lungi, però, la pretesa di essere l’opera omnia Gospel

CD 1:
I Believe
Peace In The Valley [take 9]
Take My Hand, Precious Lord [master]
It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) [take 13]
Milky White Way [takes dalla 1 alla 7]
His Hand In Mine [takes dalla 1 alla 5]
His Hand In Mine [spliced take 5 e 4]
I Believe In The Man In The Sky [take 1]

CD 2:
I Believe In The Man In The Sky
[takes 2, 3 e 4]
He Knows Just What I Need [takes dalla 1 alla 10]
Mansion Over The Hilltop [takes 1, 2 e 3]
In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions) [takes dalla 1 alla 8, workpart take 1 e spliced take 8 con workpart]
Joshua Fit The Battle [takes dalla 1 alla 4]
Swing Down Sweet Chariot [takes dalla 1 alla 4]
I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs [takes dalla 1 alla 5]
If We Never Meet again [master]
Known Only To Him [takes dalla 1 alla 5]

CD 3:
Crying In The Chapel
[takes 1, 2 e 3]
Working On The Building [takes dalla 1 alla 5]
Run On [takes 6 e 7]
How Great Thou Art [takes dalla 1 alla 4]
Stand By Me [takes dalla 1 alla 11]
Where No One Stands Alone [takes dalla 1 alla 4, workpart takes 1, 2, 3, 5 e master]
So High [takes dalla 1 alla 4]

CD 4:
Farther Along
[takes 1, 2 e 3]
By And By [takes dalla 1 alla 10]
In The Garden [takes 1, 2 e 3]
Somebody Bigger Than You And I [takes dalla 1 alla 16, workpart takes dalla 1 alla 6 e master]
Without Him [takes dalla 1 alla 14]
If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side [takes dalla 1 alla 6]

CD 5:
Where Could I Go But To The Lord
[takes 1 e 2]
You'll Never Walk Alone [takes dalla 1 alla 8 e master]
We Call On Him [takes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 e master]
Life [takes 1, 2, 10, undubbed master e master]
Only Believe [rehearsal, takes dalla 1 alla 4 e master]
Amazing Grace [take 2 e master]

CD 6:
Miracle Of The Rosary
[take 1, undubbed master e master]
Lead Me, Guide Me [master]

He Touched Me [take 2 e master]
I've Got Confidence [undubbed master e master]
An Evening Prayer [take 2, undubbed master e master]
Seeing Is Believing [takes 4, 7 e 12]
A Thing Called Love [rehearsal, take 1, undubbed master e master]
Put Your Hand In The Hand [take 1, undubbed master e master]
Reach Out To Jesus [master e outtake]
He Is My Everything [rehearsal, take 1, undubbed master e master]
There Is No God But God [takes 1, 2 e undubbed master]

CD 7:
There Is No God But God
Bosom Of Abraham [takes 3, 4, undubbed master, master e take 7]
I, John [undubbed master e master]
I Got A Feelin' In My Body [takes 1, 2, 4, undubbed master, take 6 e 7 e master]
Help Me [harmony vocal overdub e master]
If That Isn't Love [takes 1, 2, undubbed master, spliced takes 5 e 7, takes 6 e 7]
Down By The Riverside/When The Saints Go Marching In [master]
Sing You Children [takes 1, 18, 19 e master]
Swing Down Sweet Chariot [registrazione del 1968; undubbed master e master]
Let Us Pray [undubbed master]

CD 8:
Let Us Pray
Where Could I Go But To The Lord/Up Above My Head/Saved [master]
If I Can Dream [master]
If I Can Dream [stereo mix]
If I Can Dream [29 giugno 1968, ore 18]
If I Can Dream [29 giugno 1968, ore 20]
I, John [prova di marzo 1972]
Bosom Of Abraham [prova di marzo 1972]
You Better Run [prova di marzo 1972]
Lead Me, Guide Me [prova di marzo 1972]
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee [prova di marzo 1972]
When The Saints Go Marching In [homerecording, 1956]
Just A Little Talk With Jesus [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
I Shall Not Be Moved [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
Peace In The Valley [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
Down By The Riverside [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
Farther Along [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
As We Travel Along On The Jericho Road [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
I Just Can't Make It By Myself [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
When The Saints Go Marching In [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
Softly And tenderly [Million Dollar Quartet, 4/12/1956]
I Asked the Lord [registrazione informale, 1959]
He [registrazione informale, 1960]
The Lord's Prayer/If I loved You [registrazione informale, 1960]
You'll Never Walk Alone [registrazione informale, 1960]
Oh, How I Love Jesus [registrazione informale, 1966]
Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord [registrazione informale, 1960]
Hide Thou Me [registrazione informale, 1960]
The Lord's Prayer [registrazione informale, 1971

CD 9:
Peace In The Valley
[6/1/1957, "Ed Sullivan Show"]
Swing Down Sweet Chariot [25/3/1961, Honolulu]
The Lord's Prayer [prova del 29/7/1970, Culver City]
Farther Along [prova del 4 agosto 1970, Las Vegas]
Oh Happy Day [prova del 7 agosto 1970, Las Vegas]
Oh Happy Day [Las Vegas 14/8/1970, midnight show]
Ave Maria [Las Vegas 19/8/1970 dinner show]
Only Believe [Las Vegas 27/1/1971 midnight show]
How Great Thou Art [Las Vegas 27/1/1971 midnight show]
I, John [Sahara Tahoe Hotel 1/8/1971 midnight show]
What A Friend We Have In Jesus [Las Vegas 28/8/1973 midnight show]
An American Trilogy [Jacksonville 25/4/1975]
Bosom Of Abraham/You Better Run [Uniondale 19/7/1975 afternoon show]
You'll Never Walk Alone [Uniondale 19/7/1975 evening show]
Crying In The Chapel [Las Vegas 19/8/1975 dinner show]
Where No One Stands Alone [Montgomery 16/2/1977]
Help Me [Sahara Tahoe Hotel 27/5/1974 closing show]
Why Me, Lord ? [Sahara Tahoe Hotel 27/5/1974 closing show]
Amen [Memphis 5/7/1975]
You Better Run [Las Vegas 7/12/1976]
Bosom Of Abraham [Las Vegas 7/12/1976]
Lead Me Guide Me [prova del marzo 1972]
Lighthouse [prova del marzo 1972]
Lighthouse [prova del marzo 1972]
I, John [prova del marzo 1972]
Help Me [Las Vegas 30/8/1974, ore 3 AM]
How Great Thou Art [Las Vegas 30/8/1974, ore 3 AM]
Sweet Sweet Spirit [The Stamps Quartet]

Many thanks to Masami.

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  1. Tyvm Masami and Marco for this
    I just love Elvis Gospel

  2. Wow, what a great one ! Thank you very much Marco for this treasure.
    Thanks to Masami.