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giovedì 12 maggio 2016


LABEL: Pink & Black (LPM 1500).
NOTE: sono presenti diverse apparizioni di Elvis al “Milton Berle Show” e all’“Ed Sullivan Show”. Il disco includeva un album fotografico di 24 pagine.

1 Introduction ["Milton Berle Show. 3 aprile 1956]
2 Shake Rattle and Roll ["Milton Berle Show". 3 aprile 1956]
3 Heartbreak Hotel ["Milton Berle Show". 3 aprile 1956]
4 Blue Suede Shoes ["Milton Berle Show". 3 aprile 1956]
5 Comedy Sketch ["Milton Berle Show". 3 aprile 1956]
6 Blue Suede Shoes ["Milton Berle Show". 3 aprile 1956]
7 Don’t Be Cruel ["Ed Sullivan Show". 9 settembre 1956]
8 Love Me Tender ["Ed Sullivan Show". 9 settembre 1956]
9 Ready Teddy ["Ed Sullivan Show". 9 settembre 1956]
10 Hound Dog ["Ed Sullivan Show". 9 settembre 1956]
11 Don’t Be Cruel ["Ed Sullivan Show". 28 ottobre 1956]
12 Love Me Tender ["Ed Sullivan Show". 28 ottobre 1956]
13 Love Me ["Ed Sullivan Show". 28 ottobre 1956]
14 Hound Dog ["Ed Sullivan Show". 28 ottobre 1956]
15 Hound Dog/Love Me Tender/Heartbreak Hotel ["Ed Sullivan Show". 6 gennaio 1957]
16 Don’t Be Cruel ["Ed Sullivan Show". 6 gennaio 1957]
17 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again ["Ed Sullivan Show". 6 gennaio 1957]
18 Peace In The Valley ["Ed Sullivan Show". 6 gennaio 1957]

Many thanks to Kevin.

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2 commenti:

  1. Many thanks Kevin and Marco for this great piece of history on Elvis

    This depicts the time he went global as a star on various Tv networks in America

    These tv shows depicted on this Lp just shows how big as a star Elvis was becoming

    His popularity grew tremendously when he was on Tv shows that were broadcasted during the fifties .

    The Tv stations filmed him
    from the waist up on Ed Sullivan Shows because they thought he was too vulgar to move like he did .

    In today's society what the so called stars act on stage and sing about us far too vulgar and obscene than when Elvis was first shown on Tv and performed on various venues don't you think

    I can name a few of these do called artistes of today's music scene but decided not to because in today's times we don't have great music - just noise from the so called pop stars who are a 1 hit wonder

    They have no respect or scruples ,or values like Elvis had in his time

    No pop star of today can be called a humanitarian like Elvis was in his time
    He gave generously to various charities in his hometown and country

    All the old folk during the fifties loved the likes of Frank Sinatra and crooners such as he

    The youngsters were looking for a new sound and star that could fulfill their dreams in the music field and along came Elvis who as a star captured their attention as he sang and moved to his unique style in the music field

    Elvis is the only entertainer who took America by storm covering all the five fields in the music field

    These were
    Rock , Popular Standards (aka Pop Music ), Rhythm And Blues ,Gospel and Country
    He got many accolades during these early years as an upcoming star who came from a poor background where everything and everyone was segregated -

    He searched and studied various music whilst growing up by travelling to the wrong sides of the tracks like Shakerag where he first heard the blues
    Whilst he was growing up too he went to the First Pentecostal Church where he heard the gospel music and it has been stated that he used to jump off Gladys lap to go to the front of the church and join the gospel singers

    It's a pity that he never joined a gospel group but in later years he did have his favorite group sing alongside him at Vegas and On Tour ( JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet)

    This cd has the raw sounding Elvis soon after he left Sun Records to hit the big time being a superstar

    This is one of the testimonies of Elvis fame I feel

    More challenges lay ahead for him such as movies and concert appearances at various states and at Vegas

    Even in the fifties Elvis played at The Frontier Hotel at Vegas where he bombed because the older folk didn't like his music

    It took him 13 years to get back to Vegas and to get his popularity back
    Wow what an entertainer - What a star -

    Long Live his name and Legacy forever

  2. Thank you so much Marco for this great release.
    Keep up your fantastic passion here.
    Thank you to Kevin, and thanks to Ronny 2013 with the historical explanations that help the maintain living alive of the King.