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domenica 5 giugno 2016


LABEL: Magnetic [CDS-1972-01].
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: box di 4 CD che, per l’ennesima volta, propongono le prove registrate nel marzo/aprile 1972 per “Elvis On Tour”.
Nulla di nuovo sotto al sole… I primi tre CD sono delle copie dei relativi CD emessi qualche anno fa dalla “Madison”. Il quarto CD raccoglie alcune prove registrate il 5 aprile 1972 nelbackstage di Buffalo e qualche intervista relativa al documentario. Anche in questo caso, i bootleggers, in passato, avevano già emesso tutto.
Buono solo per chi solo ora si avvicina al mondo dei bootlegs di Elvis, per chi (ovviamente) si era perso le pubblicazioni passate. E per gli hard-core collectors, ovviamente…

CD 1: 30 marzo 1972. RCA’ Studio C. Hollywood, California.
Copia del CD “Hillcrest Blues – Standing Room Only Tapes, Vol. 3″.
01 Burning Love (take 1, incompleta) / Here We Go Again (accenno)
02 Burning Love (take 2)
03 Burning Love (take 3) / The Lord’s Prayer (accenno)
04 Sweet Sweet Spirit (accenno)
05 For The Good Times (rehearsal)
06 For The Good Times (take 1, incompleta)
07 For The Good Times (rehearsal)
08 For The Good Times (take 2)
09 For The Good Times (take 3, false start)
10 For The Good Times (take 4)
11 Anytime (accenno / dialogo)
12 For The Good Times (take 5)
13 For The Good Times (take 6, incompleta)
14 For The Good Times (take 7)
15 Dialogue / El Paso (accenno)
16 Johnny B. Goode (take 1, false start)
17 Johnny B. Goode (take 2, false start)
18 Oh, How I Love Jesus (accenno)
19 Johnny B. Goode (take 3 / dialogo)
20 A Big Hunk O’Love (incompleta / dialogo)
21 Always On My Mind (rehearsal)
22 Always On My Mind (take 1, incompleta)
23 Always On My Mind (take 2)
24 Separate Ways (take 1)
25 Separate Ways (take 2)

CD 2: 31 marzo 1972. RCA’ Studio C. Hollywood, California.
Copia del CD “Sunset Rundown – Standing Room Only Tapes Vol. 4″.
01 Proud Mary
02 Never Been To Spain
03 You Gave Me A Mountain (2 false partenze)
04 Until It’s Time For You To Go
05 Polk Salad Annie
06 Love Me
07 All Shook Up
08 Heartbreak Hotel
09 Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel
10 Hound Dog
11 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
12 A Big Hunk O’Love
13 A Big Hunk O’Love (reprise)
14 See See Rider
15 For The Good Times
16 For The Good Times (2 false partenze)
17 For The Good Times (reprise)
18 Funny How Times Slips Away
19 Burning Love

CD 3: 31 marzo 1972. RCA’ Studio C. Hollywood, California.
Copia del CD “Rock My Soul, Standing Room Only Tapes, Vol. 5″.
01 Burning Love
02 Help Me Make It Through The Night
03 Can’t Help Falling In Love
04 Young And Beautiful
05 Lawdy Miss Clawdy
06 Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
07 I’m Leavin’ (incompleta)
08 Elvis chats with musicians
09 See See Rider
10 Proud Mary
11 Never Been To Spain
12 The Lighthouse
13 When It’s My Time
14 I, John
15 Bosom Of Abraham
16 You Better Run
17 Lead Me, Guide Me
18 Sweet Sweet Spirit
19 There’s A Room At The Cross (incompleta)
20 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / Nearer My God To Thee

CD 4: The Buffalo rehearsals. 5 aprile 1972.
Disponibili in varie emissioni.
01 Cattle Call
02 For The Good Times / Somewhere Over The Rainbow (incompleta)
03 You Gave Me A Mountain
04 I’ll Remember You (incompleta)
05 Until It’s Time For You To Go
06 Polk Salad Annie (incompleta)
07 I Can’t Stop Loving You
08 An American Trilogy
09 Funny How Times Slips Away
10 Funny How Times Slips Away
11 The Lighthouse (frammento) / I, John / I Need You Loving Every Day
12 Elvis interview (31/3/1972)
13 Vernon Presley Interview (31/3/1972)
14 George Klein Interview (31/3/1972)

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2 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Marco my friend for these sets of CDs from the March and April rehearsals that may have circulated on different Imports - As a fan I am certain that some one of somewhere lies more like these I'm some ones collection of a deep vault that's gathering dust - I just hope and pray that we as fans don't have to wait too long to hear and see them as they were filmed and recorded
    Piers Aldridge and company filmed many hours of this movie when Elvis OnToud was filmed for the general publc to see it at cinemas worldwide when it was shown at theatres worldwide
    Where oh where are the scenes that were shot that ended on the cutting room floor at MGM / UA studios
    Perhaps Mr Ted Turner of TCM fame may own it in his vault - he may bring it out in the future -
    Let Us Pray ( so sorry for pun) Lol
    May be one day these will come to light

    Best wishes sent to you Marco my friend -