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lunedì 6 giugno 2016


ANNO DI PUBBLICAZIONE: 6 dicembre 2011.
LABEL: Wonderland Records (WLR-2167).
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: altro cofanetto scopiazzato pari pari da altre emissioni.
Ora tocca ai volumi 5, 6, 7 e 8 della serie “Tiger man-An alternate anthology” che già presi da soli, non erano per nulla immancabili… Figuriamoci questo box della “King of copy & past” !!!

CD 1:
01. Fame And Fortune [alternate take]
02. That’s Someone You Never Forget [takes 2, 3, 4 e 6]
03. Kiss Me Quick [takes 8 e 9]
04. Baby If You Give Me All Your Love [undubbed master]
05. Wonderful World [undubbed master]
06. Edge Of Rality [undubbed master]
07. Almost In Love [vocal ovberdub]
08. Long Black Limousine [alternate mix]
09. Hey Jude [undubbed extended version]
10. My Little Friend [unfinished master]
11. Inherit The Wind [alternate mix]
12. I’ll Be There [echo master version]
13. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [takes 10 e 11]
14. Sweet Caroline [undubbed master del febbraio 1970. Dal vivo a Las Vegas]
15. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago [unedited undubbed master]
16. Put Your Hand In The Hand [undubbed unedited master]
17. A Big Hunk O’Love [dal vivo a Las Vegas]
18. Where Do I Go From Here [undubbed unedited master]
19. Fool [undubbed unedited master]
20. Ku-U-I-Po [Honolulu. 14 gennaio 1973, take 1]
21. Blue Hawaii [Honolulu. 14 gennaio 1973, master take 10 con dialoghi]
22. Ku-U-I-Po [Honolulu. 14 gennaio 1973, take 2]
23. Loving Arms [undubbed master]
24. T-R-O-U-B-L-E [dal vivo, 1975]
25. Why Me, Lord ? [dal vivo, anni '70]
26. Memory Revival [strumentale]

CD 2:
01. Return To Sender [master con lungo fade out]
02. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You [take 3]
03. You Don’t Know Me [takes 12 e 13]
04. All I Needed Was The Rain [vocal overdub]
05. Stay Away [take 9]
06. I’m Movin’ On [alternate unfinished master]
07. Rubberneckin’ [alternate mix]
08. It Keeps Right On A Hurtin’ [undubbed master]
09. Only The Strong Survive [alternate mix]
10. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights [undubbed master da acetato]
11. Stranger In The Crowd [undubbed master]
12. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me [undubbed master]
13. Life [versione edita su 45 giri con finale leggermente diverso per il mixaggio]
14. I Really Don’t Want To Know [alternate mix]
15. Padre [unfinished master]
16. He Touched Me [undubbed master da acetato]
17. An Evening Prayer [undubbed master da acetato]
18. Burning Love [undubbed master]
19. Always On My Mind [versione con sovraincisioni strumentali per "This is Elvis". Si tratta della prova del 30 marzo 1972 nello studio di Hollywood della RCA]
20. Welcome To My World [Honolulu, 12 gennaio 1973. Alternate mix]
21. Three Corn Patches [undubbed master]
22. Raised On Rock [undubbed master]
23. For Ol’ Time Sake [undubbed master]
24. Little Sister [Las Vegas. 13 dicembre 1975, ore 22,15]
25. She Thinks I Still Care [undubbed master]
26. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again [undubbed master]
27. Bosom Of Abraham/You Better Run [dal vivo ad Alexandria. 29 marzo 1977]

CD 3:
01. Blueberry Hill [takes 1 e 4]
02. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You [take 14]
03. King Of The Whole Wide World [takes 7 e 8]
04. Mama [original extended master version dal 33 giri "Let's Be Friends"]
05. She’s A Machine [undubbed master]
06. If I Can Dream [vocal overdub, false start take 1 e soundtrack session take 4]
07. Don’t Cry Daddy [alternate mix]
08. My Little Friend [master]
09. After Loving You [alternate mix]
10. Without Love [alternate mix]
11. Change Of Habit [undubbed alternate master]
12. Let Us Pray [alternate master]
13. What’d I Say [dal vivo]
14. That’s All Right [dal vivo]
15. Snowbird [undubbed master]
16. Blue Suede Shoes [dal vivo]
17. I’m Leavin’ [unedited undubbed master]
18. He Is My Everything [unedited undubbed master]
19. There Is No God But God [unedited undubbed master]
20. The First Time Ever Is Saw Your Face [duetto con Temple Riser]
21. What Now My Love [dal vivo]
22. I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby [remix da "This Is Elvis"]
23. Promised Land [take 5]
24. Fever [dal vivo]
25. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) [dal vivo]
26. Portrait Of My Love [registrazione informale]

CD 4:
01 Blueberry Hill [take 8]
02 King Of The Whole Wide World [uncut master]
03 I’m Falling In Love Tonight [take 6]
04 So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise) [take 4]
05 Easy Come, Easy Go [unedited master]
06 Suppose [long version master]
07 Let Yourself Go [master]
08 Edge Of Reality [master]
09 A Little Less Conversation [master]
10 Almost In Love [single version]
11 Gentle On My Mind [alternate mix]
12 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [alternate mix]
13 Kentucky Rain [alternate mix]
14 Cindy Cindy [undubbed master]
15 The Fool [undubbed master]
16 The Sound Of Your Cry [extended version]
17 It’s Your Baby, You Rock It [undubbed master]
18 How The Web Was Woven [undubbed master]
19 Don’t Cry Daddy [prova del 24 luglio 1970]
20 Until It’s Time For You To Go [undubbed master]
21 We Can Make The Morning [undubbed master]
22 Burning love [prova del marzo 1972]
23 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me [dal vivo]
24 America, The Beautiful [Las Vegas. 13 dicembre 1975, midnight show]
25 Return To Sender [Hampton Roads. 1 agosto 1976. Spettacolo pomeridiano]
26 Unchained Melody [dal vivo]

Many thanks to Maxim and to another great friend of mine !

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  1. Ty to all - for this set
    @Marco you rock
    as well as your Elvis site
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