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martedì 7 giugno 2016


LABEL: Wonderland Records [WLR-2195].
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: box di 4 CD che raccoglie i volumi dal 9 al 12 dell’antologia alternativa della serie “Tiger man”, editi anni prima dalla “Shake Records”.
Nulla di nuovo in quanto la WR copia il lavoro degli altri; se poi aggiungiamo il fatto che questi ultimi CD della serie “Tiger man” erano infarciti di trucchi e remixes, la frittata è fatta…
Solo per incallitissimi collezionisti.

CD 1:
01 Relax [takes 12 e 13]
02 I’m A Roustabout
03 So Close Yet So Far (From Paradise) [take 5]
04 Who Are You ? (Who Am I ?) [take 6]
05 Five Sleepy Heads [take 3]
06 Suppose [short version, take 7]
07 Blue Suede Shoes [collage version da "This Is Elvis"]
08 Jailhouse Rock [spliced version from '68 promo]
09 Let’s Forget About The Stars [undubbed master]
10 In The Ghetto [mix]
11 It Keeps Right On A Hurtin’ [mix]
12 Who Am I [alternate mix]
13 You’ll Think Of Me [single version]
14 Let’s Be Friends [undubbed master]
15 Don’t Cry Daddy [dal vivo]
16 I’ve Lost You [dal vivo]
17 Little Cabin On The Hill [undubbed master]
18 Mary In The Morning [undubbed master]
19 I’ll Never Know [undubbed master]
20 Make The World Go Away [take 3]
21 Rags To Riches [take 4]
22 Fools Rush In (Wheere Angels Fear To Tread) [undubbed master]
23 It’s Only Love [undubbed master]
24 An American Trilogy [Hampton Roads. 9 aprile 1972]
25 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall [rough cut mix]
26 For The Heart [undubbed master]
27 Blueberry Hill [dal vivo]

CD 2:
01 Young And Beautiful [take 11]
02 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears [take 25]
03 Something Blue [take 6]
04 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello [take 3]
05 Wisdom OF The Ages [take 9]
06 Am I Ready [take 2]
07 Stop, Look And Listen [takes 4 e 5]
08 Fools Fall In Love [unedited master]
09 Come What May [take 1]
10 Stay Away [unedited, undubbed master]
11 U.S. Male [take 2]
12 Tiger Man [dal vivo a Burbank, California. 27 giugno 1968; ore 20]
13 Only Believe [undubbed master]
14 Where Did They Go Lord [undubbed master]
15 The Impossible Dream [dal vivo, anni '70]
16 I´ll Remember You [prova del 31 marzo 1972 nello studio RCA a Hollywood]
17 You Gave Me A Mountain [prova del 31 marzo 1972 nello studio RCA a Hollywood]
18 Polk Salad Annie [prova del 31 marzo 1972 nello studio RCA a Hollywood]
19 I Can´t Stop Loving You [prova del 31 marzo 1972 nello studio RCA a Hollywood]
20 Spanish Eyes [undubbed master]
21 She Wears My Ring [undubbed master]
22 Green Green Grass Of Home [undubbed master]
23 I Can Help [undubbed master]
24 Mystery Train/Tiger Man [dal vivo]
25 Danny Boy [unedited take 7]
26 That´s All Right (Mama) [dal vivo]
27 Way Down [parte della take 1 e take 2]
28 You Gave Me A Mountain [dal vivo]
29 A Little Less Conversation [registrazione del 23/24 giugno 1968 a Burbank]

CD 3:
01 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow [take 6]
02 Kismet [take 2]
03 You Don´t Know Me [movie version, take 18]
04 You´ll Never Walk Alone [unedited take 1]
05 Stay Away [take 6]
06 Swing Down Sweet Chariot [coro dei Blossoms, da "The Gospel masters", box della Sony]
07 Have A Happy [acetate]
08 What´d I Say [live]
09 Viva Las Vegas [accenno]/Froggy Went A Curtin’ [prova del luglio 1970]
10 Heartbreak Hotel [live]
11 I Got A Woman [live]
12 Bridge Over Troubled Water [live]
13 Merry Christmas Baby [versione accorciata da "This Is Elvis"]
14 Burning Love [prova di marzo 1972]
15 For The Good Times [prova di marzo 1972]
16 Always On My Mind [take 1 + prova]
17 Love Me [live]
18 Love Me Tender [versione dal vivo collage tratta da "Elvis On Tour"]
19 Take Good Care Of Her [undubbed master]
20 Young At Heart/Let Me Be The One [registrazioni domestiche]
21 Lawdy Miss Clawdy [live]
22 Let Me Be There [live]
23 Help Me [live]
24 In The Ghetto [duetto virtuale con Lisa Marie]
25 Don´t Cry Daddy [duetto virtuale con Lisa Marie]
26 On A Snowy Christmas Night [duetto virtuale con Renée Martel]
27 A Little Less Conversation [TV commercial]

CD 4:
01 Witchcraft (take 3)
02 Love Me Tonight (takes 7 e 8 )
03 Western Union (take 4)
04 Petunia, The Gardner´s Daughter (take 1)
05 Look Out, Broadway (takes 9, 10, 11)
06 Frankie And Johnny (takes 2 e 5)
07 Dominic (remastered master)
08 The Whiffenpoof Song (remastered master)
09 Violet (remastered master)
10 Little Cabin On The Hill (complete remastered master)
11 It´s Your Baby, You Rock It (remastered master)
12 Faded Love (complete remastered master)
13 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (remastered master)
14 Teddy Bear/Don´t Be Cruel (College Park. 28 settembre 1974)
15 Hound Dog (College Park. 28 settembre 1974)
16 Solitaire (take 1)
17 Solitaire (take 8 )
18 Moody Blue (takes 8 e 9)
19 Moody Blue (take 4)
20 My Way (Abilene. 27 marzo 1977)
21 One Night (Madison. 24 giugno 1977)
22 Love Me Tender (Madison. 24 giugno 1977)
23 Radio Spot For The Elvis Presley Show In Syracuse, New York. 20/8/1977
24 Love Me Tender (duetto con Thalia-Bonus del CD americano “Viva Elvis”)
25 Hurt (x-rated version)
26 My Way (Orlando. 15 febbraio 1977)

Many thanks to Maxim.

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1 commento:

  1. Ty Maxim and Marco for this
    This set has a great amount of great songs on it
    Many thanks - keep up the gr8 work here on this great site
    Best wishes sent