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venerdì 22 luglio 2016


LABEL: TCB Records (TCB-LP 190203).
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: terzo ed ultimo volume della serie “fra le takes” che in origine era stato pubblicato in un cofanetto alla fine degli anni ’80.
Come nei due predecessori, ascoltiamo Elvis che parla fra una prova e l’altra di “On tour” e durante alcuni backstage di quel periodo.

31 marzo 1972:
Elvis between takes of “Funny how time slips away”, “Burning love” & “Help me make it through the night”
Marzo/aprile 1972:
Elvis and group discuss songs and music clearances. Elvis is joined in his suite by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps (Includes segments of “Run on”, “I, John”, “Lead me, guide me” & “Nearer my God to Thee”)
Elvis talks about his musical background, J.D. Sumner, gospel music, all-night singing for relaxation, keeping the shows interesting night after night, the chemistry between Elvis and his group on stage & the upcoming 15-city tour in 15 nights
5-19 aprile 1972:
Discussion of concert songs: what to leave in, what to leave out, George Klein talks about Elvis, Vernon Presley, Elvis’ dad, relates the Elvis Presley story, tracing highlights from his first recordings and the early years,
to present (1972)

Many thanks to Wolfgang.

2 commenti:

  1. Pure brilliant
    Ty Wolfgang and Marco for this one
    The April tour of 72 was great with his tour playing fifteen states in fifteen days

    And as Jackie Kahane stated in Elvis On Tour movie - '' He could have run for president '' and h'e'd won every primary ''
    Best wishes sent ...

  2. Un gros merci Marco pour cet album. Quel beau cadeau.
    Merci à Wolfgang !