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martedì 26 luglio 2016


LABEL: JTA (004).
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: altro bidone pieno di trucchi computerizzati edito dalla JTA.
Non fatevi ingannare dalle note che ho trascritto dalla back cover: è tutto artificiale…
Da evitare per modo che non proliferino queste emissioni ignobili…

Cindy, Cindy [alternate master]
Heart of Rome [extended master]
When I’m over you [long version]
Only believe [different version]
Sylvia [long version]
Where did they go, Lord [different version]
Rags to riches [unedited version]
The first time ever I saw your face [extended mix]
Early mornin’ rain [complete master]
(That’s what you get) For lovin’ me [unedited version]
Help me make it through the night [extended master]
Seeing is believing [different version]
I’m leavin’ [long version]
We can make the morning [complete master]
It’s only love [long version]

Many thanks to Billy from Argentina.

3 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Billy from Argentina and Marco in sharing this cd
    I do love the seventies era from Elvis and during his career too
    Long Live The King
    Best wishes sent

  2. Hi Marco,
    We do not claim anything with this cd, just play,nice to see these old things here, it was other times, if you need one you sent it, I have them all in flac uploaded, the better the 2 cd of spliced takes, are pretty good.
    A greeting.


  3. Muchas gracias a mi amigo Marco por compartir este lanzamiento. Muchas gracias también a Billy de Argentina. Por favor continúen con el gran trabajo aquí.