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mercoledì 10 agosto 2016


LABEL: Rock & Roll Majesty [nessun numero indicato].
AUDIO: *****
NOTE: cofanetto di 4 CD che, alla luce del contenuto, è totalmente inutile poiché include materiale precedentemente disponibile: 3 concerti dell’agosto del ’69 (24, dinner; 25, midnight; 26, midnight) ed un CD dedicato a versioni alternative e undubbed delle recording session di gennaio/febbraio di quell’anno.
Lo spettacolo del primo dischetto era disponibile già dal 1995, nello strepitoso “Here I go again” su etichetta “DAE”; nel corso degli anni è stato riedito in “Drowned in sound” (“Omega Records”, 2011) e nel secondo CD del box “Elvis 1969″ (“Gravel Road”, 2014). Per completezza d’informazione, il concerto non fu registrato, pare, nella sua intierezza ed è per questo motivo che è stato “riparato” con dei segmenti del dinner show di quella giornata, nelle tracce 9, 11, 13 e 20.
Il concerto del secondo CD è disponibile dal 2013 in “Hot August night”, grazie alla FTD (che lo ha pubblicato, addirittura, anche in vinile).
Il terzo CD riporta il midnight show del giorno 26 che, anche in questo caso, è stato emesso dalla FTD (“All shook up”, 2005). Si tratta dello spettacolo dove ascoltiamo una “Are you lonesome tonight ?” piena di risate.
Il quarto CD è tratto dal bootleg “827 Thomas Street”, cofanetto di 5 CD del 2015, emesso da un’ignota label.
Questo “Elvis 1969 in person” è diretto, in definitiva, a chi non ha il materiale suddetto nelle proprie collezioni ed, ovviamente, a chi colleziona tutto.

CD 1: dal vivo a Las Vegas, Nevada. 24 agosto 1969. Midnight show.
01 Opening
02 Blue Suede Shoes
03 I Got A Woman
04 All Shook Up
05 Love Me Tender
06 Jailhouse Rock / Don’t Be Cruel
07 Heartbreak Hotel
08 Hound Dog
09 I Can’t Stop Loving You
10 Johnny B. Goode
11 Monologue (Life Story)
12 Baby What You Want Me To Do
13 Runaway
14 Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
15 Words
16 Yesterday / Hey Jude
17 Band Introductions
18 In The Ghetto
19 Suspicious Minds
20 What’d I Say
21 Can’t Help Falling In Love / Outro

CD 2: dal vivo a Las Vegas, Nevada. 25 agosto 1969. Midnight show.
01 Opening / Blue Suede Shoes
02 I Got A Woman
03 All Shook Up
04 Elvis welcomes the audience
05 Love Me Tender
06 Jailhouse Rock / Don’t Be Cruel
07 Heartbreak Hotel
08 Hound Dog
09 I Can’t Stop Loving You
10 My Babe
11 Mystery Train / Tiger Man
12 Monologue (Life Story)
13 Baby What You Want Me To Do
14 Runaway
15 Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
16 Words
17 Yesterday / Hey Jude
18 Introductions
19 In The Ghetto
20 Suspicious Minds
21 What’d I Say
22 Can’t Help Falling In Love

CD 3: dal vivo a Las Vegas, Nevada. 26 agosto 1969. Midnight show.
01 Blue Suede Shoes
02 I Got A Woman
03 All Shook Up
04 Love Me Tender
05 Jailhouse Rock / Don’t Be Cruel
06 Heartbreak Hotel
07 Hound Dog
08 I Can’t Stop Loving You
09 Mystery Train / Tiger Man
10 Monologue
11 Baby What You Want Me To Do
12 Runaway
13 Are You Lonesome Tonight ? [laughing version]
14 Rubberneckin’
15 Yesterday / Hey Jude
16 Introductions by Elvis
17 In The Ghetto
18 This Is The Story
19 Suspicious Minds
20 Can’t Help Falling In Love

CD 4:The best of ‘American Sound’ sessions“.
01 After Loving You (unedited master take 4)
02 If I’m A Fool (For Loving You) (unedited undubbed master take 9)
03 Rubberneckin’ (partially overdubbed take 2)
04 Only The Strong Survive (take 4 with false start)
05 True Loves Travels On A Gravel Road (take 3)
06 I’m Movin’ On (fully overdubbed take 2)
07 In the Ghetto (partly overdubbed master take 22)
08 And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind (unrepaired undubbed master take 6)
09 Do You Know Who I Am (take 2 with false starts)
10 Any Day Now (unrepaired undubbed master take 6)
11 Wearin’ That Loved On Look (Draft Tape mix)
12 Inherit The Wind (partially overdubbed draft tape composite)
13 Suspicious Minds (partially overdubbed master take 8)
14 This Is The Story (take 1, partially overdubbed master take 2)
15 You’ll Think Of Me (take 14)
16 My Little Friend (unedited undubbed master)
17 The Fair’s Moving On (vocal overdubbed master take 1)
18 Gentle On My Mind (vocal overdubbed master. Organ mix version)
19 Mama Liked The Roses (harmony vocal overdub master)
20 Who Am I? (undubbed master take 1)
21 It Keeps Right On A-hurtin’ (undubbed master take 3 with false starts)
22 Stranger In My Own Home Town (unedited undubbed master)
23 I’ll Be There (alt. master #6 with excessive vocal echo)

Many thanks to Elvis For Friends blog and to another great friend.

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6 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Elvis For Friends , Marcos Friend and Marco my friend for this
    Keep up the great work here
    Best wishes sent

  2. @ Marco or any one here that reads this post
    Does any one know about this - Can any one please let me know of how many more minutes or hours that are still out there of
    The American Sound Sessions that are maybe lost or not found
    Some state that there are still out takes and songs from January and February 1969 that are still missing
    I'm sure as a fan that this may be true
    We have seen in various Import cds such as The American Way and such that have surfaced over the years
    I'm sure that there are still some missing
    Hope this comes to light soon
    Ty in reading this
    Lookn forward to the replies on this Ty

  3. I don't know how many hours of recordingd are available but if you're watching and downloading from my blog, you have got everything. Bootleggers and FTD's have released a bunch of outtakes. In my humble opinion, the best releases are "The Americn way" 5 CD's.

  4. Tyvm Marco for your humble opinion my friend -

    We have seen many out takes in the past on cads such Ftds and various Imports that have surfaced such as American Jewels etc

    Yes my friend The American Way
    is a great set of cds -

    Even so as a fan I agree totally with you , but seriously I think there are around ten to twenty minutes that may have been lost from these sessions -

    Something in my head tells me that this is true - Well one day they may surface

    Yes Ty for your cds that you have kindly shared with me and many here on this great Elvis site - they are great -

    Only the sound men and RCA officials can verify these I think

    Well one day perhaps there will be an ultimate collection of songs with all the studio banter etc on them -

    Many Imports have surfaced such as The American Sound Sessions , The Project '69 etc which are all great

    This was the turning point and a great era for Elvis - It was the second time he recorded in Memphis - The first being at Sun Records

    Best wishes sent

    Have a great week my friend and Ty for your quick response to this

    I really thank you so much for this Marco

    1. Anyway there are something new on FTD's releases about these recording sessions. It's very hard remember everything... Another great release is 'FINDING THE WAY HOME'.

  5. Yes @ Marco Finding The Way Home is a great title by all means - There are so many releases now about the stellar sessions from January / February 1969 - We have seen and heard the majority of it so far but I assume as a fan that they may be around an hour or so more conversations and songs from these sessions
    The imports of The American Way , The '69 Project and such have many out takes from these sessions
    Only time will tell if any more will be released for us to hear
    Thank you in reading this

    Takin Care Of Elvis Forever