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mercoledì 26 ottobre 2016


Dopo quasi due anni di inserimenti, ecco che tutta la mia collezione di bootlegs è su questo blog !
Ringrazio i molti amici che mi hanno aiutato e che mi stanno ancora aiutando a rendere più completo "Bootlegging Elvis"; senza il loro aiuto, sarei fermo da un bel po'! Ho conosciuto persone davvero generose da tutte le parti del mondo ed anche questo è un miracolo di Elvis. Fantastico !

Il  blog non chiude, ci mancherebbe. Inserirò le nuove emissioni appena possibile e, magari, anche rip di vecchi vinili (la mia passione...) se qualche altro amico me li inverà.
Restate quindi sintonizzati e potrete sempre continuare a richiedermi vecchi links, se vorrete.
Come cantava Elvis: "I'll be there" !

After almost two years, here are every bootleg releases in this blog from my collection !
I wish thank so much a lot of friends around the world: without their precious help, my blog would be more poor. I knew a lot of amazing friends around the world and I believe that this is another wonder of Elvis... Many thanks again to everyone !!!

This blog don't close but it stops. I'll put new releases as soon as possible (when my dealer or a friend will send me) and I hope I could find some old vinyl rips.
Stay tuned and you can request old links because, as sung by Elvis: "I'll be there" !

20 commenti:

  1. Enjoy your break Marco and we will wait for your return here - Please take your time in returning here as well as your other sites you run
    You deserve a good break from all the hardwork that you've done here as well as your other sites
    I wish you the very best in all that you do and you enjoy your break and look after your family and loved ones
    We will all await your return here as well as your other sites
    We all thank you immensely for all the hard work you have done here stay safe and well my friend
    Speak soon n God bless you and your family
    May he protect you and them in all you do in Life
    Bye for now
    Takin Care Of Elvis Forever

  2. Marco, good night, I hope you never leave us, friend us is that we should thank all you did for us here in this blog, I in particular am very grateful for all this time that you provided us with these wonders of Elvis, thank you, that God bless you and your family too. we'll miss you.

    Alexandre Colobone

    São Paulo Brazil

  3. I have only known you for a short time but the amount of kindness you have shown me with all your generosity would fill a lifetime. Thank you so much my friend, I will watch this space in anticipation of your future postings and will always be in your debt. Thank you!

  4. grazie a te per il tuo contributo e alla tua generosita, grazie a elvis per avermi fatto conoscere persone vere come te

  5. tout grand merci mon amis le king est fier de toi...

  6. Marco!

    You are a legend in your own right. You have the most amazing collection and I say thank you from my heart for your expertise and generousity. You have taken me deep into the world of Elvis and I love it here. Many many MANY thanks does not seem enough but they are the only words I can express. James

  7. grazie per aver condiviso la musica del king con tutti noi fan.Ti aspettiamo al varco per altre cd news!un grande saluto.Diego

  8. Thank you very much for these rare recordings of Elvis on CD & LP.

  9. You're the best friend unknown! Thank's for all! TCB

  10. Thanks a thousand times willing to share your wonderful collection.
    Elvis forever

  11. Thanks you to everyone. Elvis fans are special people !

  12. You did a great job. Maxou and I are happy to call you our friend. We keep in touch for sure. If you see anything on our Blog you like please let us know and we make link for you. Always welcome our friend.

  13. Thank you Marco for all the Elvis releases you gave us.

  14. Thanx Marco, it is very pleasant to know you and you did a very very good job shearing all the wonderfull albums. Thanx to you i have expended my collection with a lot of shows Elvis did. Take care.

  15. Thank you Marco for all your generosity with your time and Elvis material.You have built a real archive of Elvis material which is a great reference point for any collector.Thank you for your friendship.
    Here's hoping there is more stuff out there. Regards Kevin


  16. It's only a goodbye my friend, I hope you come back soon !!!

    Regards my buddy!!!!!

  17. Thanks for all you did and do Marco!